The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History

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Add to List. Add to Registry. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. With more than unique quotations, The Quotable Parent shares thoughts, ideas, humor, and advice from the best minds of the ages for the most challenging situations. The Quotable Parent. Specifications Publisher Familius. Customer Reviews. While Snakes on a Plane now plays like a cautionary tale about the cornieness of "totally epic" mid-'00's humor, what's disturbing is that Hollywood has only gotten craftier at cynically stripmining viral enthusiasm for a quick buck in the last decade.

Blame the motherfuckin' snakes. Love Actually Love Actually doesn't exactly top Breakfast at Tiffany 's in the Widely Loved, But Very Problematic Movie department, but it makes its best effort through pretty much every one of its 18, running storylines, culminating in the scene where Mark Andrew Lincoln turns up at Juliet's Keira Knightley house with a series of the creepiest romantic flashcards ever created.

Lincoln himself called his character a "creepy stalker," maybe because Mark films no one but Juliet during her wedding to Mark's best friend , or because he shows up on Christmas silently proclaiming undying love for the woman who literally just married his best friend. Seems like he might have had a chance to pull the flashcard stunt in the months or years preceding Christmas. The treacly tagline that "love actually is all around" is driven home by Mark's desperate plea, one of those grand movie gestures that calls to mind John Cusack's Say Anything boombox.

The Possibility of an Afterlife

While much of Richard Curtis' script expresses more ambivalent feelings toward love than the title suggests, the cue cards have lived on as a meme, and "To me, you are perfect" has repeatedly bailed out romantic partners with nothing original to write in birthday or Valentine's Day cards. Bean wraps presents so slowly! It's one of those "just go with it" premises that's made explicit in the poster and trailer, but is reinforced in a scene that comes before the opening credits, a kind of "record scratch, freeze frame" setup that shows Eddie at the end of his rope, with unknown bad guys closing in before we rewind to get the full story.

In voiceover while he teeters on the edge of a skyscraper, Eddie reflects on his current state, lamenting the gaps in his otherwise airtight IQ: "I'd come this close to having an impact on the world. And now the only thing I'd have an impact on was the sidewalk. Certainly not. But it's the kind of dumb, repeatable line that makes good-bad movies so enjoyable. But, what better way to take back our power and agency from patriarchal depictions of desire than to meme the living daylights out of its weirdest scene?

Look up "My tastes are very singular" on YouTube and you'll get everything from video game consoles to anime girl body pillows to One Direction theme bedrooms. Anything is better than a "Red Room of Pain. American Psycho Mary Harron's adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' savage satire of Reagan-era American capitalism does so much more than capture the brutality and humor of the book.

With Christian Bale as the psycho, Patrick Bateman, his extreme aversion to human social interaction takes on a deathly serious tenor as embodied by the line Bateman uses to get out of any situation fast. It's a wholly unbelievable excuse that reveals how little empathy and social awareness Bateman possesses, especially when he uses it as an alibi and immediately following a claim that he's "in touch with humanity.

Try it out the next time you're breaking up with someone, or are being questioned regarding a coworker's suspicious disappearance. X-Men Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator and Avengers director Joss Whedon worked on a draft of the first X-Men script that was almost entirely scrapped, but in interviews over the years, the writer has taken credit for two distinct comedic lines that made it into the movie. First, there's the Wolverine " You're a dick " quip to Cyclops, which is a perfectly fine piece of comic-book banter.

The other one, which Halle Berry's Storm delivers right as she electrocutes the villain Toad in front of the Statue of Liberty, is more controversial. In a interview with Entertainment Weekly , Whedon called it "terrible" and criticized Berry's delivery, saying, "she did it like she was King Lear. Club in that she "said it like she was Desdemona," proving the guy really does love his Shakespeare references. I'd argue that Berry's performance -- in a series that rarely gave her much to do -- is actually what makes it so memorable. She goes for it! Despite the box office and critical success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you won't find many quotes from those movies on this list because the sitcom-like sheen to the dialogue and the slightly irreverent house style renders much of it completely disposable.

Unafraid to play with cheesiness, Berry elevated a corny gag to camp poetry. Moonlight Moonlight , the Best Picture-winning sophomore feature from director Barry Jenkins, was the result of such delicate, thoughtful alchemy. Jenkins' lush visuals, inspired by the work of Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai, supplement the poetic words of playwright-turned screenwriter Tarell Alvin McCraney , who developed the script as an unproduced conceptual theater project at Yale in the late '00s, and both elements are brought to life by actors like Alex Hibbert, playing the impressionable young Chiron, and Mahershala Ali, playing the wise drug dealer Juan.

The intimacy of the "in moonlight, black boys look blue" monologue, which finds Ali telling a personal story and embodying the voice of "this old lady" from his childhood in Cuba, is different than many of the more abrasive, explosive quotes on this list.

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It can't be reduced to a meme or deployed as a GIF. But in a film built around small gestures, it has a profound, reality-altering power. The line transports you through time and space, the vulnerability of the performer and the character working in perfect harmony. Bring It On It's quite honestly insane that UCB staple Ian Roberts was Sparky, the pill-popping choreographer putting high school cheerleaders through boot camp to "transform [their] robotic routines into poetry written with the human body.

The Quotable Parent

Clearly just a derivation of jazz hands , "spirit fingers" was one of the defining schticks of Bring It On , directed by Peyton Reed his first film -- he would later go on to make Ant-Man , and a damn good one at that. Magic Mike Remember how everyone collectively lost their shit when Magic Mike came out? Directed by Steven Soderbergh I know, right? Hot, half-naked buff men thrusting on screen will do that, it seems.

The tone of Magic Mike is set masterfully: In the first, like, two minutes, there's the one-two punch of Matthew McConaughey's Dallas, owner of club Xquisite, delivering the rules of the show to a room of screaming women in one of the most insane monologues he's ever given in film and he was a nomadic poet in a Harmony Korine film , for chrissakes , followed by an unimpeded shot of Tatum's butt.

Rowling's Harry Potter stories is rooted in a raw, powerful fantasy of youth: Discovering that you're more special, more unique, and more magical than the other children around you. When Robbie Coltrane, the burly Scotish actor tasked with bringing the half-giant Hagrid to life in Chris Columbus's first Harry Potter film, leans forward and says the line, "You're a wizard, 'arry," Daniel Radcliffe, still a fresh-faced kid at this point, reacts with what looks like the beginnings of mischievous smile, hinting that he knows this is the truth he's been searching for.

It's not exactly a shock. Yes, his eyes then bug out as he asks, "A what? Hagrid's proclamation, one of the many economical and poignant bits of dialogue in Steve Kloves's script, is the sound of a door opening, inviting the boy to a world he can't quite imagine. In his heart, 'arry was always a wizard, but he needed to hear it out loud to confirm it was true. The Departed The Departed , Martin Scorsese's Boston crime saga adapted from the Hong Kong thriller Infernal Affairs , is a movie obsessed with the corrosive myth of professionalism. Cops and gangsters, the two feuding sides in the film's heightened moral universe, each like to think of themselves as fundamentally men of honor, guys who have tough jobs but go about them with dignity.

They've all got a code, right? It's unsurprising that Sgt. Sean Dignam, the foul-mouthed authority figure played by a fired-up Mark Wahlberg, believes that saying he "does his job" is the most brutal insult imaginable. Like the macho put-down's found in a David Mamet play or an episode of Billions , it's an attempt at total emasculation built around the idea that you are what you do and you must do it well.

Results matter. Efficiency is the goal. Put numbers on the board.

There's a reason Dignam is the lone survivor in the movie's twist-filled climax: He's the guy who does his job, the cop who keeps his head down long enough to make his move, and those dead bodies are the other guys. Spring Breakers Harmony Korine's hedonistic "beach noir" indictment of wealth and youthful materialism was branded an "instant cult classic" on its release, if there is such a thing, and it really is an experience to watch this dreamy neon-lit crime film play out -- one that, like many of Korine's movies, may require a certain substance or two to really, like, understand, you know what I'm saying.

James Franco's Alien leads a group of teen girls down the path of despair and destruction, courting them by taking them back to his pad and showing off all his "shit.

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Superbad Superbad , the defining teen movie of the s, is yet another film on this list that contains many, many iconic quotes. How dare we not pick "I am McLovin,'" right? Well, prepare to be fucked by the long dick of the law -- who is us in this instance -- because we went with the declarative Seth Rogen's bumbling, drunk Officer Michaels shouts as he and Bill Hader's Officer Slater bust the high school rager. Jonah Hill's Seth is carrying out the very long Evan Michael Cera as the two cops come through the door, and Fogell's trying to lose his virginity upstairs.

Like most of high school, nothing really goes as planned, but the one thing every high schooler can count on is at least one awkward or worse interaction with bored police officers. Finding Nemo Before Ellen Degeneres was Ellen, the mononym, she was an out-of-work actress who had been sidelined in Hollywood after coming out as a lesbian in Then Finding Nemo happened. Not four months after the Pixar movie about Marlin, a father clownfish, in search of his son was released, Ellen premiered Ellen , the same daytime talk show that's still running today.

Her stunning comeback can certainly be chalked up to her sweet, legitimately funny performance as the voice of Dory, the jovially undeterred regal blue tang who suffers from short-term memory loss. In a particular moment of helplessness, their previous leads to Nemo having dried up, Dory sneaks into the frame and shares with Marlin her sing-songy wisdom for when times get tough: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

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What do we do, we swim, swim…" The simple aphorism exploded into a positivity movement all its own, finding its way onto the senior quotes of high school students, tattoos, T-shirts, blog posts, GIFs… you name it. Django Unchained In the second of his revisionist history films, Quentin Tarantino is in peak form, dishing out fantasy justice to abominable characters like Leonardo DiCaprio's Calvin J.

Candie, a smooth-talking slave-owner with a passion for phrenology. Candie's gleeful hatred -- covered with a slimy veneer of Southern manners -- puts the efficiency of Tarantino's character development on full display. The slave-owner is the quintessential talentless, overconfident man who believes himself far superior to a foreigner and a free slave, despite all evidence to the contrary.

As he takes a childish slurp out of a coconut filled with booze, DiCaprio delivers the film's best line with the kind of uncomfortable familiarity and condescension that make the final act's revenge fantasy fully earned.

The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History
The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History
The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History
The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History
The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History The Quotable Parent: Advice from the Greatest Minds in History

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