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Edit Storyline After a woman's friends music gains popularity, she propels herself into finding out the mystery of his disappearance, realizing more truths about herself, him, and their relationship along the journey. Taglines: A woman hears the music of a missing friend.

Mystery at Magpie Manor | Children's Musical | Out of the Ark

The popular appeal of the mystery brings attention to her life. Genres: Drama. Certificate: Not Rated. Country: USA. Language: English. Color: Color 4K. Add the first question. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. Are there any samples being used from other music? Was it in a "real" studio, or someone's basement? What was miked?

The Mystery of Miriam’s Song

Some of these questions must have answers. Then again, every garage has had a band in it, and as mentioned up-thread, someone may have spent their birthday money on a day at the studio, and we'll never know. It's not a bad song, but it's not amazing. I'm not sure if I wish it was amazing or not. Reminds me of the old joke about boom-shucka-shucka-boom music: Q: What porn movie is that from? A: All of them. I groggily tried to think of a question posed in song. It's Jered Threatin. That was my first take, too. That's not New Wave. Kind of like a really janky Soviet version of some second-tier Factory act.

It could be a hoax — I wouldn't be surprised.

Mystery Song Lyrics

There've been similar "unearthed old music" hoaxes on the internet before. But I also wouldn't be surprised if it's real. And there's a surprising amount of stuff which has just never been digitized.

Stuff which can't be found on YouTube, BitTorrent, any streaming service, or anywhere else online. Stuff which was released in small runs of a few hundred or a few thousand, and which now just moulders in the back rooms of flea markets and warehouses, unheard for years or decades. If you want to listen to this stuff, your only option is to purchase a physical copy on the used market. And you can't preview it beforehand. You just order it, wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive, and then find out whether it's any good or not. Ah yes, I remember listening to this at the arcade as I was playing Polybius before I went home to read my younger brother his Berenstein Bears books In all seriousness, I am the last person who should be discussing musical theory, but this just sounds a little too 'clean' to be recorded off the radio in the early 80's.

Ah, what do I know. Heard it for the first time just now, I will begrudgingly accept that it is 80s, but it is no Escalator of Life. Other than the vocals it kind of reminds me of the Kinks' Think Visual period, just another step in the line of New Wave reaching its logical conclusion in World on Edge's self-titled album. Anyway, this feels kind of hoaxy to me. Oh yeah, that's Darude, "Sandstorm. So I can totally believe that there's a mediocre 80s rock song — especially one with difficult-to-Google lyrics — which remains unknown to Shazam.

Funny that you should mention Shazam, because it was on the soundtrack album. Citation please. Internet : 'Hey, look at this great [song cosmetic drug] I just found! Why is it surprising that there are unknown recordings of mediocre new wave from the s?

Did the Women Actually Sing?

There are zillions; as maxwelton says "every garage has had a band in it". The only thing that makes this song remarkable is that people are talking about it now. But then, they are only talking about it because they were told it was remarkable. I guess the origin story of a s radio broadcast gives it a tiny bit of notability "Music for Young People", what a hip name.

But really, why this song? The song, I think, is immaterial.

Song of the Cicada Project and the Mystery of Cicada 3301

This isn't about the song. It's about the mystery. And that mystery might be real, or it might be manufactured. But it's the mystery that people are responding to. You might as well ask: "But really, why Geedis? It's just a dumb bit of 70s ephemera. As I said about Geedis elsewhere: As dumb and trivial as this is, it just gave me a feeling that I haven't often had since the early days of the web: of discovering some random artifact, of not knowing where it came from or what it's about, and not being able to do anything about that state of affairs.

Having to be with it as it is, without any context or interpretation. These days, there's an exhaustive wiki for every third-rate 70s TV show, a fan site for every obscure interest, a crowdsourced database of every imaginable category of thing. And yet here is Geedis, apparently born inexplicably from the ether. Just like everything used to be. For now, at least, Geedis belongs to this guy, and this guy alone. Whatever it means to him is what it means. I don't know if I'm making sense.

The internet has connected the world. The unforeseen consequence of that is that there are no more exotic frontiers.

But, yeah. This meme could just as easily have been centered on any other obscure 80s pop song. This story reminds me of the documentary Searching for Sugar Man Sixto Rodriguez, an obscure musician from Detroit, recorded two albums in the early s. Sales were almost non-existent, and he didn't pursue a career in music.

Unbeknownst to him at least, until much later , his music became wildly popular in South Africa. UC Santa Barbara Library , Send the Editors a message about this record. Personnel Notes Hide Additional Titles Duke Ellington Orchestra Musical group Duke Ellington director Barney Bigard instrumentalist : clarinet Barney Bigard instrumentalist : tenor saxophone Wellman Braud instrumentalist : string bass Harry Carney instrumentalist : alto saxophone Harry Carney instrumentalist : baritone saxophone Harry Carney instrumentalist : clarinet Duke Ellington instrumentalist : piano Sonny Greer instrumentalist : drums Fred Guy instrumentalist : banjo Johnny Hodges instrumentalist : alto saxophone Johnny Hodges instrumentalist : clarinet Freddy Jenkins instrumentalist : trumpet Tricky Sam Nanton instrumentalist : trombone Juan Tizol instrumentalist : valve trombone Arthur Whetsel instrumentalist : trumpet Cootie Williams instrumentalist : trumpet.

Glossary for more information. Notes Instrumentation is from Victor ledgers and is not confirmed; collective personnel from notes to a reissue compilation CD. Personnel listings here are not intended to imply that every instrument listed is played on every master recorded at the session. Berliner and Columbia issues.

The Mystery Song The Mystery Song
The Mystery Song The Mystery Song
The Mystery Song The Mystery Song
The Mystery Song The Mystery Song
The Mystery Song The Mystery Song
The Mystery Song The Mystery Song

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