The American Saboteur

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The stories they don't tell you.

Wilhelm Canaris, the head of the German Abwehr military intelligence agency, wanted clandestine operations that would insert Nazi agents into the United States. During World War I, Germany placed saboteurs in the New York-New Jersey industrial region, where they carried out successful attacks on arms factories.

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One incident, the Black Tom Island attack in , destroyed a pier and railroad freight cars piled with munitions bound for Great Britain. The Nazis hoped they could score psychological victories against the U. They also wanted to terrify the American Jewish population, Houghton said.

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Canaris had two other assets on his side. He entrusted agent recruitment and training to Lt.

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Walter Kappe, a dedicated Abwehr officer and devoted Nazi party member who had lived in the United States for 12 years. Kappe spoke fluent English, understood American culture and knew what he was looking for—agents who could pass as working class, blue-collar Americans who would find factory jobs and blend in.

Eventually, eight agents who had once lived in the U. They would spy on American industry with the goal of passing any technological intelligence they obtained back to their German handlers.

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The other group made landfall near Jacksonville, Florida. Cullen startled Dasch, who claimed he was a fisherman. Of course, Cullen immediately reported what had happened to his superiors, who dug up munitions the German agents buried after they came ashore. He was outside the loop, ignorant of what his own boss was planning. Bolton, a wily bureaucratic operator who knows how to slay inter-agency dragons, immediately went to work.

Nazi Saboteurs and George Dasch

Bolton, Graham, and the swamp creatures understand this indecision perfectly well, and they took advantage of it. Soon enough, Trump was backing down from his original position and telling reporters that the troops would leave gradually. Then, on Sunday, January 6, Bolton upped the ante.

Speaking to reporters during his trip to Israel, he said that certain things would need to occur before American GIs could be pulled out. They came on U , another submarine. After landing ashore, they threw away their hats, put on civilian clothes, and started their mission by boarding trains to Chicago, Illinois and Cincinnati, Ohio.

The two teams were to meet on July 4th in a hotel in Cincinnati to coordinate their sabotage operations. Dasch called Burger into their upper-story hotel room and opened a window, saying they would talk, and if they disagreed, "only one of us will walk out that door—the other will fly out this window.

Burger agreed to defect to the United States immediately. Edgar Hoover. When the FBI agent was trying to figure out if he was talking to a crackpot , Dasch hung up. He eventually spoke to Assistant Director D. Over the next two weeks, Burger and the other six were arrested. Ernst Peter Burger. Heinrich Heinck.

Operation Pastorius

Eddie Kerling. Herman Otto Neubauer. Werner Thiel. Fearful that a civilian court would be too lenient, President Roosevelt issued Executive Proclamation on 2 July creating a military tribunal [20] to prosecute the Germans. The trial for the eight defendants ended on 1 August Two days later, all were found guilty and sentenced to death.

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Roosevelt commuted Burger's sentence to life in prison and Dasch's to 30 years because they had turned themselves in and provided information about the others. The others were executed on 8 August in the electric chair on the third floor of the District of Columbia jail and buried in a potter's field in the Blue Plains neighborhood in the Anacostia area of Washington.

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The failure of Operation Pastorius led Hitler to rebuke Admiral Canaris and no sabotage attempt was ever made again in the United States. During the remaining years of the war, the Germans only once more dispatched agents to the United States by submarine. The FBI captured both men shortly after. In , President Harry S. Truman granted executive clemency to Dasch and Burger on the condition that they be deported to the American Zone of occupied Germany.

They were not welcomed back in Germany, as they were regarded as traitors who had caused the death of their comrades. Dasch died in at the age of 89 in Ludwigshafen , Germany.

The American Saboteur The American Saboteur
The American Saboteur The American Saboteur
The American Saboteur The American Saboteur
The American Saboteur The American Saboteur
The American Saboteur The American Saboteur
The American Saboteur The American Saboteur
The American Saboteur The American Saboteur

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