Relic (European Classics)

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Encyclopedia of the Dead. Russian Nights. Ashes and Diamonds.

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Jerzy Andrzejewski Author D. Evgeniya Tur Author Michael R. War with the Newts. Karel Capek Author M. Weatherall Translator.

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Nine Fairy Tales. Beware of Pity. Time, Forward! Farewell to Matyora. Elias Portolu. After the Divorce.

Relic (European Classics)

Pretender to the Throne. The Return of Philip Latinowicz. Closely Watched Trains. The Axe. Fyodor Gladkov Author A. Arthur Translator C.

Ashleigh Translator. The Ship of Widows. The Foundation Pit. Sofia Petrovna. The Eighth Day of the Week. Live guide commentary is not allowed in special sections. Harem is not included in the program. The ceramic panels are the most beautiful examples of the 16th century with purple, red, green and blue flower motives.

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Prince robes and a small piece from the Kaaba covers are displayed on the sarcophaguses. Grand Covered Bazaar , most attractive shopping center and the biggest " souk " in the world with nearly shops selling antiques, jewellery, gold, carpets, leatherware and souvenir.

Art demonstration of handmade Turkish carpets upon request. The residential area for Byzantine Jews, Italian traders and other non-muslim minorities. Drive along the traces of history at Balat viewing Metal Church of St. Spice Bazaar Egyptian Bazaar , mystical smells of different aromas of various spices. Shops selling fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers etc. Bosphorus Cruise on Plan Tours' private boat, through the waterway separating the two continents, Europe and Asia, with a possibility to take photographs of marble palaces, ancient wooden villas of Ottoman architecture besides modern residentials and luxurious apartments.

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Rumeli Fortress from the boat - no interior visit , historical armament built by the Conqueror to control and protect the Bosphorus. A unique example of military architecture. Famous with great collection of European antiquity, furniture and 4. Bosphorus Bridge , unique chance to step from one continent Europe to another Asia in 2 minutes.

Bosphorus Tours are practiced with regular boat if minimum number of attendants is not provided for the private boat. Start after breakfast for a tour in Galata , the centuries-old Jewish neighborhood with its famous tower built by the Genoese. Drive to Balat along the Golden Horn , residential area of the Ottoman Jews where the " Star of David " still appears on the facades of some buildings.

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The Jewish Cemetery where the martyrs of Neve Shalom are buried. After Constantine the Great' s declaration of Christianity as the religion of Roman Empire, the capital was moved from Rome to Byzantium. Church of Panagia of Blachernae , the best known and most celebrated shrine of the Holy Virgin located near Golden Horn, famed with the hagiasma fountain of holy water , good to cure health problems, and the Hagion Lousma sacred bath good to clean the soul where the emperor also came to purify himself.

Savior in Chora Kariye Museum , originally a Byzantine monastery, dedicated to Jesus Christ the Savior, survived with fantastic mosaics and frescoes, portraying scenes from the Bible, the life and miracles of Jesus. Pantocrator Zeyrek Mosque , the monastic complex was one of the largest and best organized of the Byzantine period, comprising two churches and a funerary chapel, baths, a hospice for the aged, a hospital and a medical school, a hostel for travellers and a library. Church of St.

Relic (European Classics) Relic (European Classics)
Relic (European Classics) Relic (European Classics)
Relic (European Classics) Relic (European Classics)
Relic (European Classics) Relic (European Classics)
Relic (European Classics) Relic (European Classics)
Relic (European Classics) Relic (European Classics)

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