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Lean Labor

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Gustavasson S. Hector K. In this case, the employee is your customer and your objective is to deliver a high-quality product using the least amount of resources possible. Lean is growing in popularity. It is the culmination of the many improvements to manufacturing processes that started with Henry Ford. Ford, in , integrated an entire production system to produce the famous Model T automobile. The production of the Model T was efficient because there were no changeovers in production.

The production line was optimized for a single type of car— one model, one color.

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In the late s, as customers demanded more variety in cars, Toyota recognized there were ways to maintain similar efficiencies in production while offering more choices to their customers. Disciples of TPS maintain the same philosophy today, believing that it is the people who can improve an organization and everything else is a tool to support those efforts.

The problem of raising labor productivity in Russia: the concept of lean production

Because these techniques apply to all processes, Lean continues to gain popularity as it spreads to other industries such as healthcare and financial services. Lean thought processes inspire companies to look for improvements that are often never considered. What is unique about Lean is that Lean follows a process without respect to the functional organization. It uses the neutral eyes of the customer to identify opportunities for improving the process, eliminating the well-meaning, but costly localized improvements that benefit one department at the cost of another.

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How do I align my skilled labor with real time changes in demand? How do I utilize labor as a source of competitive advantage? How do I align training programs to maximize productivity? These are questions any manufacturing organization should ask and take action to address. Manufacturers often find themselves with incumbent skill sets that have been formed to a particular process or processes over time. This allows them to operate effectively in a static environment with a predictable set of obstacles.

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