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'Brussels was all men': the painful progress towards EU gender equality

When it was first announced, in September, the incoming commission was set to be the most gender-balanced in EU history, with 13 women and 14 men, but that has now changed to 11 women and 13 men so far confirmed, and three commissioners-designate still to be confirmed. Progress towards equality has stalled in many countries, including the UK, according to the latest report from the European Institute for Gender Equality Eige.

Across Europe, even in the Nordic countries that lead the way in gender equality , unpaid care and family responsibilities still fall overwhelmingly to women.

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More women than men work part-time, creating not just a gender pay gap but a gender pension gap as well. The Gender Development Network identifies a triple-whammy of blows to gender equality across Europe: when there are cuts to public services, women make up the shortfall through unpaid care work; women are hit harder by cuts to public sector jobs; and women are often left juggling household budgets as prices rise. All three mean women lose out on time for paid employment, political activity or leisure.

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But uprooting deeply embedded gender stereotypes is hard, even in apparently progressive countries like the UK, which is the fifth most gender-equal country in the EU. Even more worrying is the lack of action to tackle violence against women. In Brussels itself, just last month a fast food company posted an ad on social media in which a man was shown punching a woman for handing him the wrong burger.

The comic-book image provoked outrage. Belgian equality minister Nawal Ben Hamou described it as sickening and totally irresponsible. The ad was taken down, and the Dutch-owned company apologised. Read More. Learn More. The work of realizing a fair and welcoming Ohio requires real conversations with real people.

With your help, we give Ohioans the opportunity to engage in ways that affect change, not only on a statewide level, but in their neighborhoods and cities. When you support the work of Equality Ohio Education Fund, you are fueling life-changing connections in homes, churches, and businesses across the state. Donate today. Let your dollars become the words that change the heart and mind of our next Ally.

Gender Equality Seal for Public and Private Enterprises | UNDP

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I highly recommend the articles written by my colleagues Emily Meyer and Kate Mozynski if you need a quick refresher […]. Supreme Court last week. Finally, that afternoon, transcripts of two oral arguments were posted, and I started to read.

As many of us are aware, last Tuesday, the U. Supreme Court heard two oral arguments in three major […]. Speak out and tell lawmakers with testimony!

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If you already submitted testimony earlier this year, this is NEW and we need your testimony again. If so, we need your story. We're currently collecting testimony for the Ohio Fairness Act.

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