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Whisky Tastings. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it means different things to different people. For some, it's a time for peaceful reflection; for others, a moment to bond with family, friends, or community. This episode of Burnt Toast explores breakfast trends and traditions around the world to ask: how do you start yours?

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  4. Jolie Laide. In French, "jolie laide" means "pretty and ugly"; it's a way to describe something that is unconventionally beautiful. This homage to jolie laide foods will explore the idea that deliciousness can come where you least expect it, from misshapen fish meatballs to organ meat that only a zombie could love. Bruised tomatoes may not be the most slightly, but they make a great sauce! We'll examine the notion of perfection of taste vs. The Bubble on Bubbles Hasn't Popped. We'll explore the revival of soda fountains, like Brooklyn Farmacy, which serves carbonated egg creams replete with live-culture kombucha.

    There's more, too: Bread starters bubble for long-fermented loafs, boiling pots of bone broth extract all the good flavor and well-being benefits, and craft beers cheer a food world that sparkles just a little brighter The Longest Wait. So what makes for a culty bite? Hear stories of triumph and despair, along with tactics to bide the time while you wait to get in the door for that prized morsel. Tapping Into the World of Maple. Maple syrup is having a moment: in cooking, baking, and wellness culture.

    Michael Harlan Turkell talks to experts about the tapping process and learns more about the maple water trend, sugar shacks in Montreal, and Korean gorosoe. Plus: the joys of maple taffy and maple peeping in Japan. How to Throw a Ripe Tomato. Food fights have long played a role in many cultures. Why do we love them so? This episode of Burnt Toast explores the psychology of the food fight and discusses several of the most interesting ones, past and present.

    We'll also speak with professional baseball players on how best to prepare to launch an aerial assault. Leonardo Urena and the Giant Pumpkin. How, exactly, you grow a gourd larger than a living room, and more importantly—why. Food Swindle, or Absolute Genius? The Margarine Story. We speak with Bee Wilson to follow the curious, contentious history of margarine back to its first invention. Turns out, we have Napoleon III to thank. The banana peel is so synonymous with slipperiness that we know how this joke ends right when it starts—why?

    And why a banana? We trace down the origins of the gag, and land in a surprising place. After our episode about the vintage rotisserie machine that still has a cult following, we received an email from the son-in-law of the inventor, Leon Klinghoffer.

    Warning over 'burnt toast chemical' acrylamide's cancer risk

    It's true! Kyle MacLachlan swings by the Food52 offices to make a cherry pie with us, and we sit down to ask him about Agent Dale Cooper's approach to food, his own, and how he got into winemaking. Chicken Boy. Myths and Magic of Milk. Throughout history, the same thing we eat with our morning cereal has inspired myth, magic, and superstition—like the fact that if you don't sit still after drinking a glass, it'll turn to cheese in your stomach.

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    We speak with historian Deborah Valenze to dig into our complicated relationship with milk, sparing none of the strangest misconceptions. One presidential term goes down in history as serving borderline inedible food to the thousands of guests who dined there. What was on the menu, who was responsible, and the revenge theory behind it all.

    Our logo is designed by Abbey Lossing. Please let us know what you think of the show—leave us a review on iTunes. Or get in touch: You can email us at burnttoast food We talk to Professor Charles Spence about the science behind how what you hear when you eat affects the whole multi-sensory experience. Meet the Roto-Broil This countertop rotisserie has a lively cult following for producing the juiciest, spit-roasted birds. Our reason to be suspicious?

    go site It was made in the s. Why is There No Pie Emoji? We ask—and then we try to change emoji history. Learn how an emoji gets made as we submit our pie emoji proposal to Unicode. We track down the composer of one of the catchiest jingles of all time—the jingle that opened new factories it was so popular—to learn its surprising origin story.

    Season Coming Very Soon! We'll be back on March 9th with a new season --and a whole new look.

    1. Cuentos Completos (Un drama en México, Un drama en los aires, Martín Paz, Maese Zacarías, Una invernada entre los hielos, Los forzadores de bloqueos, El ... Un expreso del futuro) (Spanish Edition)?
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    6. Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good.
    7. Here's a sneak peek. I Propose a Wedding Toast Rebroadcast. This episode digs into the art of the wedding toast—let it serve as an example of what to do, what not to do, and what to never even think of doing if you're asked to speak. We asked for your best and worst toast stories—here they are.

      This episode is a rebroadcast from June 30, Jonathan Gold on L.

      Burnt Toast Burnt Toast
      Burnt Toast Burnt Toast
      Burnt Toast Burnt Toast
      Burnt Toast Burnt Toast
      Burnt Toast Burnt Toast
      Burnt Toast Burnt Toast
      Burnt Toast Burnt Toast
      Burnt Toast Burnt Toast
      Burnt Toast

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